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Data Northwest prides itself on providing all your merchant needs. We offer POS systems, computers, software, network setup, phone systems, CoCard Credit card Processing and more.

With over 18 years of experience, you can be sure you’re partnership with us will prove to be the best decision for your business!


Over 18 Years of Experience

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Combining our Hospitality Point-of-Sale Software with Terminals from our Hardware Partners, we offer complete POS packages from 1 to 90 terminals for new locations as diverse as coffee shops, quick service, casual dining, fine dining restaurants, to bars, night clubs, hotels, and major entertainment venues.

For most sites already in operation which have standard equipment, we provide a cost-effective migration path to a new and reliable software solution, while maximizing your existing hardware investment. Since our systems are designed to run interchangeably on a variety of hardware and operating systems, most legacy hardware can be used until it physically wears out, allowing you to spread the cost of a new POS system over years.

How do you determine the right phone solution for your business? We think it starts with the right experts who ask the right questions. You’ll work with a dedicated account executive who seeks to understand your unique business needs from your call volume, to workforce, to operations. Our experts can design a voice solution for any business, from a single physical location, to multiple outlets, and more.

onePOS offers a wide variety of payment options, including modern out-of-scope, tokenized, EMV and NFC solutions for credit card processinng and interfaces into a variety of 3rd party gift cards. Several table side and mobile solutions are available to meet a wide range of needs.

Our Management Console application puts all of the administrative and reporting functions of onePOS in easy reach, from one single program. Batch credit cards, enter system totals, and check on open tables all from one screen, and if you forget something, the system will remind you.

Your phone connection will always be crystal clear. Data Northwest works with a private network which allows us to provide superior quality, clarity and security for your VOIP phone solution, even during peak traffic periods.

No need to worry about watching your minutes and dealing with overage charges. we offer unlimited local calling and Long Distance. We also offer local phone numbers for direct dial employees (DID).