We have all your computer needs!

Data Northwest prides itself on providing all your computer needs. Whether you are looking to have a network set up or a computer built we are here to take care of you.

We are your Software Provider!

Here at Data Northwest we are able to provide software needs to the public. If you are looking for some form of software then feel free to contact us and we will happily get that ordered for you.

We have years of experience with software and can also suggest something to you depending on your needs.

We offer Computer Hardware

Here at Data Northwest we have a department of certified technicians who specialize in putting hardware together.

When you decide you would like to set up hardware for your office give us a call and we can set this up for you.

Once we get a chance to evaluate what your needs are we can put together computers and a network to set you up.


Are you currently set up on a network in your office? If not, is a network something you are considering for the near future? Where do you go to have it installed and then maintained? Who do you look to and what do you look for? Here are a few idea’s…

Data Northwest has been installing and maintaining both NOVELL and Windows networks for over 18 years. We have technicians that are fully certified in both platforms.

Why is this so important? Your network, once installed, is the heartbeat of your business. It’s how you share information, how you back-up your work, how everyone gets to and works on the internet, how you survive, daily. Does that sound important to you? It should. Once you have a network installed,

If it does not work, neither do you!

Office network infrastructure Sales and Services:

  • Servers – Linux and Windows
  • Backup on site, off site, tape and removeable drives
  • Security – Firewalls and network Anti-Virus
  • VPN’s – Site-to-Site and PC-to-Site

Paging Systems

The most common use of our paging systems is to page guests or customers who are waiting for services, treatment or notification. Businesses who incorporate our paging systems into their daily operations, experience greater efficiency, increased guest satisfaction, and a boost to their bottom line.

Paging systems are also used for communication between staff. We feature systems that enable users to send a text message from any personal computer directly to an alpanumeric pager while our push button paging system allows staff to communicate room-to-room with the push of a single button.

Paging Systems are perfect with our Guest Manager Special! Check it out!

Time Clocks

Choosing a time and attendance system today can be an arduous task when faced with the sheer numbers of employee time keeping systems on the market.

The gambit runs from standard mechanical time clocks, to electronic time card style systems, through yesterday’s popular free standing polling, memory based clocks, to today’s advanced PC based time clocks and time keeping solutions designed to run anything from a small office to multi-thousands of employees as an enterprise class application.

Data Northwest is on the forefront of today’s technology in delivering hourly employee data, in real time, to frontline decision makers to manage their labor resources.

Custom Servers

Data Northwest File Server

Works with Netware 6.5, Windows Server 2003/2008 & Linux Servers

Single to quad CPU’s 2 or 3 Redundant Hot Swap Power Supplies 600W/700W

RAID 0,1,5,10,50 with Hot Swap drive bays – SCSI LVD, Serial SCSI, or SATA RAID (Volumes to 1.2TB and Larger)

52X IDE DVD/CD-ROM – 3.5″ Floppy Drive

PCI 32-bit – PCIX 64-bit 100/133 slots PCIE x1 to x16 RAM ECC to 64GB



Breathe life into your existing PC’s and Workstations with a quality upgrade from Data Northwest. We stock the most complete line of upgrade and PC peripherals found anywhere. From increasing your computer’s RAM memory, adding a DVD+/-R/RW, CD-ROM or larger Hard Disk to a complete overhaul including Motherboards and Processors, we can handle any of your upgrading or peripheral requirements.

Data Northwest maintains an A+ Certified* technical staff fully experienced and capable of handling any of your upgrades and installations / configurations. Many upgrades may be handled onsite at your location with minimal disruption of your daily business routines.