onePOS is a unique Point of Sale solution with all of the reliability and functionality of a traditional solution with all of the features and benefits of cloud based systems

Why onePOS?

One of the strongest features of onePOS is that it adapts to your way of doing business. You no longer have to choose a system that is setup specifically for a bar, restaurant, or quick service operation.

Our flexible configuration allows each terminal to have the characteristics that you desire and fits best for that area of service in your facility.It is common to have onePOS terminal’s configured for take out, dine in, and bartender operations all within the same site.

Full Service and Casual Dining

onePOS has the flexibility and features to easily handle table service – from casual dining to fine dining, or anywhere you fit in between.  And unique to onePOS, each dining room can be configured individually to give even greater control at your locations.

Quick Service & Take Out

Coffee shops, delis, take-away kiosks, drive-thrus, even gift shops can be easily handled by the onePOS Solution. Automatic modifier placement and conversational ordering and payment keep the line flowing fast regardless of the demands of the guest.

Bars and Nightclubs

onePOS’s finely-tuned operation and built in security give bar and night club operators new levels of control. Super fast order entry and check close / payments, coupled with pre-paid bar tabs and accurate liquor pricing will make your bar locations excel.

Billiard Parlors

onePOS first developed POS for Billiards Parlors, and includes those features today as an integral part of the complete system.  Quickly start timed tables for your guests, sell them drinks and food, and close out the check with the same speed and grace of any other onePOS transaction.

Hotels and Resorts

With built in guest lookup and room charges to most major hotel PMS systems onePOS provides an easy to use, super stable POS that meets the wide range of needs hotel and resort properties.


As the easiest to train and use hospitality POS software, yours servers will be ringing orders and closing checks in a matter of minutes and can intuitively navigate the system from there. Automatic modifier selection and conversational ordering keep them moving at a lightning pace and prevent mis-orders.


Your managers have a lot on their plates, and managing the POS should not be one of them. New items can be added in seconds and the changes automatically upload to every POS – no more refreshing data in the middle of service. An enormous range of reports are available anytime and from anywhere – including on their cellphone off site.


onePOS offers a wide range of exciting features including complete kitchen management. Through the use of kitchen video, coursing, job throttling, and consolidation – you have a vast new tool set to enhance your kitchen operations


Bartenders can access drink in as little as a single touch, and close out a check with the scan of a credit card. Pre-pay lets them record a valid credit card upfront before a large tab is accumulated.


Complete audit logs and controls minimize potentials for theft and maximize profitability, all while allowing your employees to securely upset and modify items to delight your customers.