Say Goodbye to a One Size Fits All System

With our simple and cost effective POS systems you will be able to spend less time making reports and doing paperwork, and more time doing what matters. Managing your business. We have paired high end hardware with cloud software, and PCI compliant merchant processing. With our product you only have to contact us, not multiple providers.

The core of the Revonu system is powerful – yet easy to use – point of sale software for restaurants, retail locations and salons. Our system includes loyalty and gift card integration, anywhere/anytime back office management and reporting, complete payment solutions and a full set of options tailored specifically to your type of business.


Customizable Systems

We pride ourselves on the ability to find the perfect mix of products to fit the unique needs of your business.

- Capture signatures and send receipts electronically
- Register/drawer manager controls cash on floor
- Easily join, move or split tables and checks

- Cloud based back office for remote access
- Customizable reports including sales by designated period.
location, employee, or item
- Data bank to create customer profiles
-Sales and transaction history
-Multi-location management
- Reservation management

- Maintain an unlimited number of customers
-View patron visit and order history
-Send e-coupons and e-promotions
-Integrated FlexGift loyalty program

-Track hourly, commission and salaried employees -Time clock function tracks payroll and time sheets
-View clock in/out status
- Employee or role specific access control
- Easy set-up and maintenance
-Manage birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions

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We are dedicated to giving our clients the best systems that fit their business needs. If you choose us you will have access to top of the line POS systems, customer service, and hardware.